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At some point, in the relatively soon future, the average citizen will begin to watch and realize that all of this stuff we call technology, has evolved throughout the ages, into what was needed for a computer system to actually be called the beast to emerge onto the scene as a capable entity, controlling all aspects of everything. And, it all came together from all points to become this thing.

It is almost a common knowledge that Bill Gates had a certain vision when he co-founded Microsoft: a computer in every home that can be easily operated. Pity that this vision seemed to have had a hidden implication that every of these computers would have to run Microsoft's operating system. Nevertheless, the vision of widespread and pretty much ubiquitous digital empowerment is largely coming true.


The purpose of this article is to determine if the possibility of free software movement causing a new post-capitalistic society exist. In order to answer that question we are going to follow these steps:

- Define capitalism
- Define it's problems
- Focus on information technology and determine if and why is capitalism handling it improperly
- Determine the relations between capitalism and free software movement
- Can and how can free software movement cause a new "post-capitalist" society?

What is capitalism?