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The wikipedia quite simply defines what is a conglomerate.

A conglomerate is a large company that consists of divisions of often seemingly unrelated businesses.

One of the active bloggers on Libervis Blogs, Charles Schulz is writing a three part article series examining the Free Software community and relationships between users and developers. He is asserting that the notions of "users" and "developers" are highly irrelevant.

The Proprietary Curse

Computing Our Liberty: June 2005

Loosing the spirit?

\"Linux\", \"Open Source\", \"Free Software\", these are just some of the new major buzzwords floating around in the information technology world, each one having a different meaning to all of us, each one capable of inducing a different image in our minds of what the true sense of those words are. The average person might only see them as merely a great contribution to any young revolutionaries lexicon, and in this capitalist society made to believe that these things are somehow wrong.