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Gustavo's post led to an interesting short discussion with yours truly. Is the availability of a free computing environment an undeclared human right, or is it merely a necessity for preserving human rights in today's society? Splitting of hairs, writing of words Smiling .

The Trap

This is a link to the Wikipedia entry on this excellent series by Adam Curtis. The entry has a good synopsis of what was discussed in the programmes, wich were all about perceptions of freedom and how they have changed and have been altered over the years. If you get a chance search YouTube for the episodes, it is well worth spending time watching them.

Two Concepts of Liberty

Isaiah Berlin's famous look at the two forms of liberty, positive and negative. I have yet to read it, but have been reading a lot about it of late.

Here is the most recent audio interview with Richard Stallman. In it he introduces the basics of the Free Software philosophy, but in a further discussion also explains some other interesting things such as the fact that Free Software is actually more in accord with the free market capitalism than proprietary software, the reduction of freedom that is going on in the world (specifically mentioned US and UK) and also Stallmans motivations for advocating freedom.

It is an excellent easy to listen interview. Ogg is available here.

For Freedom in 2007

I wish everyone reading this site, from regular members to anonymous readers, the very best new year and all the success and happiness you desire. In light of that I wish everyone be free as they deserve to be and I wish for 2007 to be the year of wins for freedom rather than losses. Let's defeat DRM this year. Let's make Free Software ubiquitous! Let's spread the Free Culture far and wide, from music to drawings to movies that escapes the hands of senseless restrictiveness.