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Introduction to Freedom

If you want to know what freedom is, read on, we will define freedom and explain some of the important issues regarding its preservation in our society, which we believe you should care about. We will also try to shed some light around some of the common misunderstandings regarding these issues.

When we discuss freedom on (as we so often do one way or another) we are usually talking about rights people should always have and be able to exercise in any situation. In basically all cases the freedom comes down to a rather simple and easy to understand principle:

If you would decisively want to evaluate the concepts of ethics and morality from the ground up where would you start? What is that most fundamental moral layer on which all other moral layers build? This most fundamental bottom layer is the one which has to be considered before all others in a society, as without it, all other moral points are potentially compromised. This article argues that the fundamental moral layer is the "state of freedom" and hence the most fundamental moral question, the first one to ask, is how free is the society and its individuals.

My dear reader. As you may have noticed we are living in an extremely interesting time. Things are changing so fast that every year may count numerous defining moments for our future. Alot of the future depends on you, whoever you may be. This article is for you, a person who just wants to live a good life and occassionaly have some fun. You need to be given an opportunity to prove yourself and freedom to be yourself. I am sure you have certain passions in your life and I am almost sure that whatever this passion is, it involves a certain amount of creativity.