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free culture

Today I found an excellent small website about the gender imbalance in Free software. There's been a lot about the topic on the linux/free software news sites too.

Large parts of the free software community are rather hostile towards women, as unfortunately is usual in communities with a huge male majority. Which then prevents the community from becoming balanced because it will be unattractive to women.

Free Me Live DVD

This looks like a nice project unfolding, a DVD of Free Culture materials. All the stuff on the DVD gives you at least the right to share.

I found out about it from this article I went to after cleaning out my bookmarks.

Open Font Library

A collection of public domain fonts. I wish the site offered previews :/ .

Web 2.0 is us! (video)

I just came across a video that is just absolutely awesome. I am not sure how to describe it. It is a collage of images and text sending such a clear message about the nature of the web. It is very pro Free Culture. Using I got a direct download link so you don't need flash to view it. Smiling


* Link updated to the final version of the video.

Just before new year, on December 31st 2006 the Free Culture Foundation site has been launched. The site appears to be mimicking the Free Software Foundation in form and also presents four core freedoms on which the Free Culture Movement should be based, to use, create, share and learn. On we have been discussing the need for defining core principles of the Free Culture Movement before and the FCF might just be filling the gap. Here is the press release: