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free culture

There is some significant symbolic and historical value in the gesture that the popular Time Magazine exercised this month. It may be remembered as one of the signs of historic change for decades to come.

What is a Free Culture

Before talking about Free Culture we should establish some kind of a definition of Free Culture, in that it would seem logical we should first define "culture" and then identify what it is that makes this culture to become a free one. It is not an easy task regarding the term "culture" tends to mean various things in several contexts of use. However, if we look at some most common contexts we can see what culture in general may consist of and reach a better understanding of what it is, and in the end, what turns it a free one.

Electronic Piracy

Electronic Piracy
Technology as a Means to Freedom, Justice, and Anarchy

By Punkerslut

"If you're good enough, anything/everything is free..." -- P85

Part 1 - Setting the Stage

"Only the rich can get justice; only the poor cannot escape it."

-- Henry Demarest Lloyd, ["Lords of Industry," by Henry Demarest Lloyd, 1910, chapter 1.]

A Year of Libervis

Free culture is the culture of free (as in freedom) information and content such as music, images, text, software; anything! The word "libervis" means "most freely" in Latin. In the beginning this "most freely" only referred to free software, but throughout 2005 we broadened our view to all of free culture. This is probably the biggest change that happened to and also the one that was the most crucial to defining its identity.