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Albeit not yet "officially" announced the long in the works new 2008 revision of is by all means here! I wish to dedicate this thread to your reactions, comments on the new look, the new content architecture, new features etc. Please don't hesitate to make any suggestions, observations and critiques! I am all ears. My ears are at this point bigger than Ferengis, so bring it on! Laughing

It's a discussion site

I have noticed that some people outside Libervis don't quite understand what Libervis is. For example:

LWN wrote:

Of hypocrisy and the FSF (Libervis)

Libervis asks why the FSF sites run Debian when Debian is not on the FSF's list of free distributions.

Which was linked to from the BLAG forums as "Bad press for libervis".

Libervis never asked anything, it's a discussion site. Someone asked something on Libervis, which is quite different.

A Year of Libervis

Free culture is the culture of free (as in freedom) information and content such as music, images, text, software; anything! The word "libervis" means "most freely" in Latin. In the beginning this "most freely" only referred to free software, but throughout 2005 we broadened our view to all of free culture. This is probably the biggest change that happened to and also the one that was the most crucial to defining its identity.