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Unless you really want to believe in something you know is a lie you probably wont be inclined to believe people who express inconsistent ideas.

Free Software or Open Source Software have been typically attacked by people who do appear to believe quite strongly in property ownership. If you create something, they would argue, then you are entitled to control it. How else are you gonna get compensated for it?

A great wiki engine used on is now free software are Wikidot Inc owners: Pieter Hintjens and Piotr FrÄ…ckowiak, release the code on AGPLv3 license just today. This is great news for the Internet as Wikidot is one of the most advanced wiki engines out there, leaving MediaWiki and TWiki far behind.

This article reveals a meaning of the new GPLv3 that has apparently been overlooked, greater sensitivity in strategy and much greater recognizability and influence.

I would've featured it as "featured news", but I was late to read it from my bookmarks, hence I'm bookmarking it publically here.

I have created a petition at the Number 10 website essentially proposing that GPL v3 software in the UK be granted immunity from patent infringement - therefore requiring an alteration of the Copyright, Designs and Patents act.
The petition will run until 10 November 2007 and can be signed by persons who hold British citizenships, or by persons residing in the UK.

The wikipedia quite simply defines what is a conglomerate.

A conglomerate is a large company that consists of divisions of often seemingly unrelated businesses.