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In this article I explore some suggested limits to exponential growth of technology and show why hard limits probably don't exist.

Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub looks like a very good resource for the latest in futuristic advanced technology. As its slogan says; "The Future Is Here Today...Robotics, Genetics, AI, Longevity, Stem Cells..."

Morgan Webb brings an overview of three very interesting TED talks, about aging prevention or life extension, technological transformation of humanity (Kurzweil's singularity) and regrowing of body parts. She also links to the full talks at

the anti-singularity

The technological singularity is the theoretical point in the development of a scientific civilization at which technological progress accelerates into infinity or beyond prediction. It is believed to happen after humans will create artificial intelligence smarter than themselves, which will then be able to create even better AI, causing ever accelerating increase of intelligence, and accelerating technological progress with it.