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A libertarian radio talk show and podcast, Free Talk Live featured an interview with Cory Doctorow, a science fiction writer, founder of BoingBoing and a fellow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, mainly about his new book called Little Brother which one of the co-hosts of the show calls the most important book in his life. Smiling


Well, we didn't yet get to finalize our interview with Sun, but has, and it's a very interesting and revealing read. Simon Phipps talks a bit about the history of Sun Microsystems and their way to where they are today, one of the friendliest companies to Free Software and one of the biggest contributors to it.

The OpenBSD founder talks, among other things, about firmware, binary blobs and non-disclosure agreements.

Here is the most recent audio interview with Richard Stallman. In it he introduces the basics of the Free Software philosophy, but in a further discussion also explains some other interesting things such as the fact that Free Software is actually more in accord with the free market capitalism than proprietary software, the reduction of freedom that is going on in the world (specifically mentioned US and UK) and also Stallmans motivations for advocating freedom.

It is an excellent easy to listen interview. Ogg is available here.

Libervis: - Could you tell us something about yourself and your projects?

Byron Miller: My wife tends to believe I have too many projects. I could write a book on the open source projects I participate in but I�m most proud of my personal accomplishments; my wife, my daughter, continual restoration/preservation of my 150 year old home and being active in my community.