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The following is a letter I received as an associate member of the Free Software Foundation few days ago (August 2007), but written on July 13, 2007.

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Dear . .,

Help us build Libre Planet - a base for free software activists and community. Your support will help launch Libre Planet by August 2007!

The "World Domination 201" writing made an impact on some parts of the Free Software community, including myself as I found myself in agreement.

Free Software Foundation, or FSF for short, is one of the most controversial information technology related organizations. Some people hate it and some people love it. Neither can change the fact that it has had a tremendous influence on what many today tend to call the "open source" phenomenon which is in fact lying on the very foundations that the FSF represents: Free Software and the Free Software philosophy.

BadVista campaign

Windows Vista? No way! This site offers many of the reasons why Vista is such a bad idea for the user and users digital rights.


Digital Restrictions Management or if you like, "Digital Rights Mismanagement" is a concept of making your computers and devices intentionally defective. This is a very important high profile campaign to support.