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I used to be what is sometimes called a "Free Software purist". "Free" here refers to "free as in freedom" according to Richard Stallman's Free Software Philosophy. As such I was opposed to all proprietary software licensing. If a program doesn't come with a license that allows you those "four freedoms" (to run, modify and share both unmodified and modified versions of the program as you wish) then using it meant you don't care for your freedom and are choosing to be a "slave" to the developer.

DRM is Dead, RIAA Says

It can't really get any more "official" than this. Only about two years ago we were all, figuratively speaking of course, up in arms over DRM. Some were even dressed in hazmat suits with "Eliminate DRM" signs all in hopes that one day we could say we defeated DRM, it's dead.

And that future is here. Gotta appreciate the instances of good guys winning in a world otherwise so full of fail.


Universal Music decided to experiment with the sale of DRM-free mp3's. Eexperiment will run from August to January and wil include Google, Wal-Mart, and, but not iTunes.

Frak Blu-Ray

Excuse a rather profane title of this site (I used Galactica's equivalent to moderate). I will make an exception in posting it here because of this leads to a network of little sites with some decent explanations of why should we oppose blu-ray, HD-DVD and related technologies. In short it's all about DRM, but these sites help understand the details.

Which sites? Well, in the footer of the one I'm linking to there are links to others.

The GNU/Linux community is facing a great opportunity that it must take advantage of, the turn of the tide of 64bit computing over an increasingly obsolete 32bit computing. The time is ticking away and if we want our operating system to dominate on the desktop we must act now, even if that means making some compromises.