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Terms of Service is, in terms of server space and bandwidth that it depends on, the private property of its owner.These are the terms under which its use is provided. They are considered analogous to the "house rules" of a house you are visiting to participate in certain interactions.

Your visit indicates your acceptance of the rules regardless of whether you are a registered member or an anonymous visitor. If you disagree with the rules once you have read them or once they have been applied to you, feel free to depart.

1. Spam

All posts (comments, forum posts or articles alike) which contain unsolicited advertising with or without a link to another site will be deemed as spam. A post is considered as unsolicited advertising if it promotes a product or service which is not specifically relevant to the content and purpose of this site or the thread in which it is posted. It is also considered unsolicited advertising if it is relevant, but nobody has previously asked for any information with regards to the products or services in question.

Registering solely to put a link in your signature and then post solely to show that signature link will also be suspected as spamming.

Spam is not allowed on this site and all spam posts will be deleted as soon as possible. The poster of the spam may be removed from the site or blocked from posting any further.

2. Liability

You are solely responsible for the content of your postings and the views presented in them as well as your use of the information provided by others and the owner on this site. You are responsible for all of your own actions and will indemnify the owner of from all liability pertaining to them.

Products, services and information provided by are provided on an "as is" basis and without any expressed or implied warranties.

3. Good behavior

Please try to be respectful and civil towards other participators. The following are the guidelines you are expected to follow. If you fail to follow them you may be warned at least once and banned either temporarily or permanently upon repeat offenses. Offending posts may be deleted and/or threads locked.

  • a. Do not shout (using ALL CAPS).
  • b. Refrain from excessive swearing (angry posts filled with swear words).
  • c. Do not troll (post solely to disrupt an ongoing discussion or to bait a flame war).
  • d. Please do not post information which may compromise another person's privacy against their will.
  • e. Do not make duplicate posts or cross post about the same matter in multiple places.
  • f. Do not make explicit or implicit threats of violence against any person.

4. Content sharing

All original content posted by the owner of is free to copy, share and quote without permission provided you credit the author as "" and link to it if possible. You may also modify such content, crediting as the author of the original, but not the author of the modification.

All original content posted by you as the user of may be posted under your own terms only if you link to such terms from your signature and only if such terms do not prohibit free viewing, copying, sharing and quoting of your content. If you do not provide the terms the content of your posts will be deemed free to copy share, quote and modify under the same terms as the content provided by the owner of (as outlined above).

5. Privacy

Your private information such as your email address and real name will be kept private from persons other than the owner of the site unless you provide this information to them yourself. You will not receive email except for occasional special notifications by the site's administrator or email which you yourself explicitly agreed to receive (such as subscriptions to content or a password reset).

Your visit to is recorded along with your IP address and all information that is typically derived from it: your non-exact location and internet service provider, web browser and operating system used for the visit, web pages from which you came, web page addresses visited and links clicked. This information is not personally identifiable in itself and may be hidden by you at your discretion by use of the appropriate software on your side.

This information is recorded for the statistical purposes and market research for the benefit of owner. It helps discern who visits this site and what they are looking for in order to be able to provide a better service.
This information will not be sold, but statistical compilations of some of this information (mainly numbers of visits) may only be shown to potential advertisers and sponsors.

This site makes use of cookies to aid the recording of the statistical data as well as to enable the site to "remember" the settings you have previously selected in it.Cookies are essential if you would like to be remembered and automatically logged in every time you come back to the site.

Cookies are a technology which can be used to provide you with tailored information from a web site. A cookie is an element of data that a web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it.

6. Modification of Terms of Service

The owner of reserves the right to modify or revamp these terms at any time without explicit notification. However, changes will be available here immediately and should ignorance of the changes cause one to violate the terms, an extra chance will be given in such a way that where one may have been banned, a mere warning may be issued.

7. Reporting and disputes

If you believe any user of this site has violated these terms or that the owner of has violated its own terms which are currently standing, please report this by using this contact form and selecting "abuse" as the category.

If you have any questions or suggestions with regards to these terms you may use the same contact form.

9. Disclaimers

These terms apply only to the use of products, services and content hosted through or, but not to the content hosted by other sites and embedded or linked to from here (,, etc.). Their respective terms of use and privacy policies apply to the use of their products, services and content.

Thank you

As the owner of I thank you for visiting and contributing in ways respectful towards these terms and I hope that you enjoy this site and its content.