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A Non-traditional Open and Cooperative Business Proposition

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This co-operative idea is

This co-operative idea is pretty much on hold for now. Not all parties that were to be involved have the time and ability to get into it seriously right now. I am currently the only one with something moving towards a real business establishment (Libervis Network) and that may be a base for some future cooperative partnerships with others from here (since I am open to that), but for now it's a one man and possibly next year two-man show.

As for GPL, it is not the only Free Software license although I do think it is the best. In fact, a corporation can't so easily just take your code and run with it without you being able to extract some of the benefit of that. That would be the case with BSD, not GPL. GPL has certain requirements that ensure that the code remains free no matter who ends up making use of it. It also ensures that the original author of the code is attributed. However, of course, with GPL the business model is about services more than licensing, obviously.

Besides, if you licensed it as proprietary software you may be having even a harder time advertising your new CMS than if it were GPLed from the start (in which case you've got the community that may welcome your contributions and work with you).

Anyway, I think this thread deserves to split here. There are more than 90 replies and it's a bit too heavy. We can continue any discussion in another thread.


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Co-operative Business proposition

Hi all,
Can anyone suggest me any good web site for this co-operative business proposition?


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Cooperative Business

Hi all,
Can anyone suggest me a good site to find this kind of cooperative business?


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Hi vivien72 You could start

Hi vivien72
You could start with and have a quick read then follow the links out to the co-operative world at the bottom of the article.

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