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Activism through music: grooving our way!

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What does everyone think of activism through music?

The kind of activism i have in mind is using music to attain emotional attachement to the ideals we advocate. It is known that music is a powerful tool. And the reason for that is the fact that it can root itself deeply into ones emotional being altering affections, passions, perceptions of things.

There is an interesting "phenomenon" if i may call it that way, that I sometimes experience. Maybe I am a bit impulsive and "out" at those moments, but when I sometimes read an article that advocates something with which i tend to agree and listening to the right kind of music (the one that really makes me go) i start associating the topic i read (or even write, when writing) about with that music. And my feelings toward that particular arguments are amplified. It is like you'd just like to shout it out with the music - shout it out to the world in the rythm of the beat. :-P

It may have happened to others of you as well. It may also depend on the style of music you're into. I don't know. But just think of all the movies and TV shows. Imagine if they were just pure "content", just plain talk, no background music. Imagine star wars or star trek without music. How much impact would it have on you if there was no music in them? It'd probably look much more boring. Well, that's what i'm talking about.

The message will always be more powerful when delivered in a powerful and attractive way. A saying rings in my head "it's all about the delivery". Hm, maybe it is.. :-)

What do you think?



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