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Anti - WTO demonstrations and anti-globalisation

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I have just watched daily news on croatian television and have seen the news about the latest Anti-WTO demonstrations. I gotta say scenes like those stir some emotions and have me thinking that there obviously IS something wrong when so many people are going outthere on those streets and in such a dramatic way demonstrate their disatisfaction by the way in which this powerful body handles worldwide trade.

What is wrong about it? I invite you to discuss that with me as well as to discuss what is wrong with this "globalisation" that those "anti-globalists" are protesting against. Somehow I don't think we're dealing with the right terms here. "Globalisation" seems like a very vague term. It can actually mean a very positive thing. We are interconnected and we therefore have to be "globalized" in some way and under certain rules, regulations, treaties etc. into a global international society.

But this process may not be governed by the right people, for the right causes and in the right way, that much must be obvious.

Your opinion matters. What is your opinion?

Thank you


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Re: Anti - WTO demonstrations and anti-globalisation

Well, WTO is basically an organization that is supported by the wealthiest ones and that supports the wealthiest ones.

This is a good read on the subject: The Golden Rule.

This piece of writing clearly shows that middle class is slowly going into poverty and that wealthy minority (which controls WTO and other similar organizations) is only getting richer and richer. If the trend continues, this will eventually end with more than 90% of population starving and 10% of population being very very rich.

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Re: Anti - WTO demonstrations and anti-globalisation

It's true, the middle class in this country, which is the backbone of our economy, is becoming smaller and smaller every year. This has been a trend since sometime in the late 80's, I believe. Vast class gaps never lead to anything positive.

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