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Apple's grip

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Have you heard that Apple shut off an OSx86 Project forums? Well, that's at least what the news sites seem to be telling.

The real story is at the actual site in question: OSx86 Project where on their forums you can find a thread called "Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated..."

So, now instead of discussing how bad it is that the site got brutally shut off by Apple (because it apparently wasn't) we have a little bit different topic at hand.

Those guys definitely felt the Apple's grip, so to speak. Apple just showed that it IS serious about keeping their operating system running *exclusively* on their own hardware and they are willing to cut some slack to hacker projects that try to do otherwise only to an extent. The truth is they showed their teeth.

The topic though is the way guys at OSx86 accept this. Here's a quote by site's founder from the above mentione topic:


As most of you know, two days ago we were contacted by an Apple representative concerning links, posted by our members, to the newest patches by Maxxuss on his site. Since the beginning, we have made it known that we would be very willing to work with Apple regarding any concerns they had with their intellectual property and this site (I actually wrote Steve about it a few months ago… but that's another story...). After speaking with the lawyer representing Apple, we've removed the handful of links to Maxxuss' website from the Forum.

Apple is certainly well within their rights to protect their OS and we have always supported them in this effort. Our first-class moderating staff has helped ensure that direct links to any patches are not allowed. We have in the past linked to the homepage of Maxxuss - but not to the offending 10.4.4 patches - in the interest of news, but we've removed those links just in case.

One thing that strikes me about this is the fact that those guys actually believe it when they say that Apple is certainly well within their rights to protect their OS. Here's a million dollar question (oh how corny). What about YOUR rights?

Is it really right for Apple to have so much power over their OS that people aren't allowed to hack it to use it the way they want it even after they payed for it? Let's say I bought a brand new Macintel with Mac OS X and payed dearly for it. Then I went on to a site like OSx86 to get a patch or something that will make it possible for me to run this Mac OS X on my other PCs. That would of course be illegal and that's what Apple is trying to prevent.

It is interesting how it used the DMCA law to its advantage here.

This case shows that when it comes to Apple, in this sense the situation is even worse then Microsoft. Not only that their software is proprietary in a classical sense, but their software is further restricted with those restrictions being supported by all the exotic new laws. Imagine that world for a second, a world where companies rule with their "rights" to their "property" and users so willingly and happily obey them. God damn, is this brainwashed or what!?

Here is what I think. Apple has NO RIGHT to interfere with whatever is being done with a copy of Mac OS X that they didn't make (a copy). Those users have every right to try their best at making Mac OS X cross platform. That's how it ought to be...

Of course though, I should then go further and say that users should have right to Mac OS X source code as well as right to freely copy, change and distribute it in either form as well, but I can imagine someone reading this may see me as a lunatic for saying this in this context.

But hold on a sec, isn't this proprietary world that Apple and the likes want a lunacy in itself?


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Re: Apple's grip

From this it seems when I buy a CD with OSX from apple and take it home, it's not acctually _mine_ is still seems to be Apple's - since I'm not alowed to do what _I_ want with the software.
If at home I install a game or program on my coputer it seems I own that copy of the game/software and that's fine, but if I install a non-official patch to the OS it's illegal - I find this wrong, since it creates a monopoly. If you want to run OSX you'll have to buy an apple computer, as with all monopolies I'm not fond of them since they damage trade, give less consumer freedome and less choice.

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Re: Apple's grip

Well, that actually applies to all proprietary software. Apple just takes the whole issue even further by posing some additional restrictions to those already present in a "classic" proprietary license. That infact makes Apple even more proprietary than most other proprietary software companies.

And you're right, it creates a monopoly. The reason why most people don't see this monopoly as so dangerous is because Apple doesn't have a big market share. The irony is that exactly this ultra restrictiveness of Apple seems to be one of the reasons why Apple's market share hasn't yet expanding very far. Another reason is, of course, another big monopoly we all know about.


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