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Blogging, Fad or Phenom?

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Blogging has become a very big thing, heck network news talked about it consistently leading up to the elections here in the US. Talking about those 'bloggers' and their journalistic skills, or usually their lack there of. So what do you think?

Do you have a blog?

Do you think blogginf is just the cool thing of the moment?

What, if any value do you see in blogging?

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Re: Blogging, Fad or Phenom?

I think blogging is a great thing when used by right people, and really bad when used by wrong ones. "Right people" in this sentence are those who really have something to say (ie not what their dog was doing this morning).

The word "blog" usually makes me feel a bit frustrated, as majority of the blogs out there are really boring and useless. But, I must say that blogs here on are of great quality.

Now, to answer those questions:

1) I don't have a blog.

2) Well, blogging is the cool thing of the moment, but after this moment passes I think that the good blogs will still continue to exist and the most of the bad ones will disappear just as quickly as they appeared.

3) In blogging, I see a way to spread your thoughts and ideas to anyone who is interested in them. It is also a great way for scientists to document their scientific research (I would love to see some doing this) or journalists to write about and comment on something that is just happening.

To sum it all up, I think blogs are useful but mostly misused.

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Re: Blogging, Fad or Phenom?

There are two separate issues with regards to blogs

1) blogs that are journalistic in nature.

I see these as democracy in action. "Old media" was top down--a limited group of people (broadcasters/newspaper editors) controlled the news people had access to. Blogs are bottom up. Individually, they give a voice to anyone with a strong opinion and the ability to express that opinion effectively. Collectively, people tend to blog about the issues and concerns they feel most strongly about. When enough people feel strongly about an issue, blogs bring that issue to the front of the national/international consciousness.

2) blogs that are personal in nature.

we are seeing more and more people share their lives online. blogs, webcams, and public photo galleries are all part of a move away from traditional ideas about privacy. More and more of our lives are part of the public sphere. Databases track what we buy, where we shop, where we vacation, how much we earn, and how much we spend. Security cameras run 24/7 in many public places. Cell phones, camera phones, digital cameras, and GPS tracking for cars and individuals are becoming a standard part of daily life. Some people shy away from the idea that their life is a matter of public record. Other people embrace it and willingly share their most personal moments with anyone who wants to know

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Re: Blogging, Fad or Phenom?

My weblog is mostly personal, and a large part of it is only viewable by friends. To me, it is like a voluntary mailing list: my friends don't get spammed daily by me, but if they want to know how I am, they can read my weblog. Note that my weblog is not read by any real-life friends.
Blog-journalism is an interesting concept, but a dangerous one. Not all bloggers verify their sources. Sometimes newspapers will consider a blog a trustable source, which can go awfully wrong...
Although I occasionaly post a review of software or an opinion about news, I do not consider myself a journalist.

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Re: Blogging, Fad or Phenom?

Before I arrived at Libervis I've just heard about blogs and bloging but I didn't get any interest to know what it is. It was for me something boring.

Thanks all for showing me what the stuff is!


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Re: Blogging, Fad or Phenom?

I have never read nor ran a blog, so can't really comment on it. However, am considering building an integrated blogging system into my site.

I feel that blogging, for a personal reason, would be nice to keep people in touch with one another, to share photos, news, opinions etc. A blogging software is also the easiest and simplest of templates for a personal site, which looks professional.

Me thinks blogging does have a future, and will be around for years more, due to the fact that too many people have too many opinions that they just want to blog and tell the world, even if no one is reading Laughing out loud

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Re: Blogging, Fad or Phenom?

Imagine that I never replied to this topic, but after so much time I can say yes, I have a blog and not only that, but blogs are becoming the integral part of and Libervis Network.

In fact, our blogs is one of the things I have high hope about and plan to improve in the future possibly expanding it to a libre world social network (even more featureful than the newly discovered Ethical Network .org).

Oh, isn't it a bit weird reviving an old topic like this? :-D Well, why not!


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It's good corner...I think

It's good corner...I think blog is best...You want to popular your can use blog...


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A vote for Blogging

I don't think its a fad. I think it is a step in the evolution of the internet social 'revolution'. Something else similar but more popular will arise soon. Look how fast twitter has become popular.

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