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Boycott Google Day

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Today is Boycott Google Day, so lets boycott Google to support freedom in China and Tibet.

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Re: Boycott Google Day

I just signed a pledge on the no luv 4 google site. I wont use google today.

I've infact minimized my use of google for some time already after hearing about their cooperation with Chinese oppression. Mozdex does a great job for a great deal of searches and I only fall back to google when there's no results in mozdex (since it still doesn't cover so much of the web). Mozdex is getting better though and I imagine it will soon enough be good for 90% of all searches. Smiling



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Re: Boycott Google Day

Signed :-)

About Mozdex, I am also more and more leaning to it in my searches, and I am quite sure that pretty soon its performance will be comparable with Googles.

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Re: Boycott Google Day

Must... setup... personal... mailserver...



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