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changed username

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As libervis was the last place where I was not called tbuitenh, Daniel gave me an early birthday present ( Laughing ) and changed my name from I-am-PK to tbuitenh.
So in case you wonder who this tbuitenh person is who suddenly took top poster position, it's me, PK.

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Re: changed username

Dear You-were-PK,

Now you can sign your posts as Tbuitenh, or as I-was-PK... Laughing Laughing Laughing

(just a little joke... if you allow me :-D )

By the way, what does Tbuitenh mean? Is a nickname?

See you, Rijik.

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Re: changed username

tbuitenh is my username at university. It is short for Taco BUITENHuis, my real name. In other places than university I wanted a username that is short for my real name, but I'm not as famous as ESR or RMS, so I need something a bit longer than TB. Using the same "tbuitenh" made sense.

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Re: changed username

Well, it looks cool once you learn how to spell it ;-) And is quicker to type when quoting you than it's "I-am-PK" :-D



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Re: changed username

Happy birthday Mr. Taco :-D
Watcha get?


wombat@wombat:~> apt-get moo

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