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Class action lawsuit by Internet Radio Stations

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Listening to so often, which is for me personally the best station in the world, and then remembering that it might not be there after May 15 due to the half brains and double wallets in the government and entertainment industry I get angry. I wont have it. So I got a thought on which I can't do anything more but suggest, since I'm not a radio station owner myself...

If campaing fails, could internet radio stations organize a class action lawsuit against the government??

The only other option I could suggest if that isn't possible or would fail is to move those stations out of USA, kind of go offshore, just avoid the damn USA. The leadership of that country thinks, I guess if they have anything to think with, that this will lead them to some sort of prosperity. Yeah right! USA is going down because of them and they WILL go down with it! Just you continue destroying internet culture, destroying the future, fighting the unstoppable tide!

Harsh words are sometimes permitted, when your culture is threatened! Thank you very much.


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Radio Caroline Sails Again?

Radio Caroline Sails Again?

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I doubt it.

It might be possible to sue for price fixing, but I doubt it. IANAL.



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