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Co-ops people are coming along!

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Dear Libervisioners,

I hope that Brian and other Co-ops people come along to Libervis community. Here is his last message to me:


Brian wrote:

Hello Monserrat,

I will be sure to check out the Libervis community forums. By all means add
my comments below and feel free to respond at will. I am afraid that I am
fairly busy and already spend quite a lot of time on the internet. So, while
I will try to participate at the Libervis site, if it seems like I am not
there it is not for wanting to be involved. So, if there are specific
questions or thoughts that you'd like to share with me, please feel free to
send me an email.

To be honest I think the discussion about co-operatives in the software
market is very exciting. I have been chatting to colleagues here about the
potential impact of internet-based co-operatives that collaboratively share,
build and own software. Everyone's response is one of "WOW!"


BC Co-operative Association
1737 West 3rd Ave., Suite 230
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1K7
Tel: (604) 662-3906
Fax: (604) 662-3968


> From: Jose Monserrat Neto
> Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:04:39 -0200
> To: Brian Smith
> Subject: Re: Co-operatives and the internet
> Dear Brian,
> May I invite you to participate in the Libervis discussion community?
> It's totally free and voluntary. You have just to inscribe yourself
> (login and password) and then you may read and participate as you like,
> just when you have time to do so. (I know you might be busy) And this
> invitation is also for all cooperative people of BC Co-operative
> Association who may be interested in this subject matter.
> Its site is:
> We are now discussing the enhanced cooperation in and among other
> economic areas, not only in software production. And your text is
> perfectly suited to be discussed in Libervis community right now. Surely
> you are able to help with OUR movements toward co-operatives not only in
> the open source software world, but also in other economic areas. I
> think these exchanges of ideas are essential to bring out new ideas and
> solutions to current problems of cooperative forms of organisation.
> I would prefer to comment your text below inside Libervis, if you allow
> me (off course). Do you?
> Cheers, Monserrat.

The "text below" of Brian, mentioned right above, I will show and comment in another topic in Libervis.

Let's welcome Co-ops people! :yes: :yes: :yes:


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Re: Co-ops people are coming along!

I thank you for inviting them and hertily welcome them to forums as soon as they will come. I am very happy that you people recognized libervis as a good place for discussing this very interesting topic. This makes even more than just a FOSS community portal, it makes it the heart of a new possible community movement spilled out of the free software movement - the movement for colaborative society (or maybe "free information society"..

I am thankful and excited about that.


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