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Conversation: the key of GNU/Linux/FOSS success...

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I have just read this very interesting and really great article by FeryCyde (Paul Ferris) from i love this guy's articles..

Microsoft: Coming to a Linux User Group near You? (Part One)

While the article is put in order to respond to the questions like "what would you do if an MS representative asks to present something at your LUG (Linux User Group), he is basically talking about one very important thing that may very well be the key to the success of free software/open source and GNU/Linux:


And not just any kind of conversation, but the *real* trustfull conversation that doesn't involves marketing talk and alike mumbo jumbo..

The basic point is that free software community, gnu/linux community, is a strong and growing one because it is bounded by a natural, real and "unobsfucated" communication, that is, conversation. Being part of a free software community garantees to you that you will talk to the honest people that wont talk what they do just so that they "sell their product", but to really help you, or persuade you to something not because he'll earn money, but because he wants you to discover the beauty of using a free system that he discovered.

As you can see by the "rant" above, the article was really inspiring.

However, the basic question being asked at the end of an article is: "And just what do you do about a Microsoft employee, wishing to present a topic?" as FerryCyde said.

Why did he ask this? Because MS representatives may not be real "conversionists" as the LUG community they talk to are. Their talk may be that old "commercials marketing talk", not the honest one. And that is something "alien" to the free software community that one LUG represents.

Your opinions are welcome.



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