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death threats against a blogger

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This (click here) is shocking. I really don't know how to explain it except to say "see for yourself".

Why would anyone write such responses to a totally unoffensive (and actually quite interesting) blog? I just don't get it.

I'd like to start some campaign to show this threat to freedom on the web is unacceptable, but I don't have any good ideas yet.

I'll add the blog to my blogroll, because it is interesting. Maybe if others do the same, that could be the above campaign, but I wonder if it will do any good or if it will just provoke the trolls.

At the very least we at libervis could write a short article expressing our opinion about the matter...

What do you think?

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Freedom != License

Tasteless is tolerable, some of those bloggers spew like a sewer main outlet and good luck to them, the rest of us can choose to avoid their juvenile toxic swamps of horror and enjoy green pastures of enlightenment instead.

But this clearly crossed the line. Surely it will lead to charges?

I think words of support for Kathy and her family and friends are entirely appropriate. The police and judiciary will surely do their job where the law has been broken.

But I'm dubious as to the value of a campaign which one way or another tries to clean up the blogosphere, in fact I think it could be counter-productive to give these people the attention they crave, you won't make a vegetarian out of a hyena by feeding it meat. Maybe the best thing we can do is ignore the fists of fury, extend a hand of friendship to innocent victims, and keep doing what we do.

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A campaign to clean up the

A campaign to clean up the blogosphere is a bad idea indeed. Who decides what should be cleaned up and what is okay? What I'm looking for is a way to have a campaign of support, a way to make sure the victims of web bullies will feel motivated to continue blogging, perhaps even a way to let the bullies get the opposite of what they want: instead of the victim shutting up, the victim should get more positive attention. Of course we have to somehow make sure that nobody gets to promote themselves by pretending...

Well, perhaps an organized campaign is not the right thing to do after all. "The community" should simply behave like a community. Let everyone decide for themselves if they want to say something about the matter, and what they will say. Something will appear on my blog soonish.

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The other side of the

The other side of the story.

It was written by a guy who does seem to dislike Kathy very much, but according to what he says, wasn't responsible for death threats and other stuff that crossed the line on his site. He took both of the sites containing such material down.

A campaign? I wouldn't go that far.

Those who feel they have something more to say on this can say so, but I wont be decrying the blogosphere because of this alone. In fact I see this case as an example of an anomaly that can happen in this sphere of collective open dialog and how the system can work it out by itself. People are decrying the bad taste of those who made the threats, images and all that. It's collective intelligence at work removing the cancer away from the sphere.

The other side, which is apparently the current scapegoat more than "the other side" is trying to distance himself from the things that crossed the line, and despite what he may think, I think he will find a sufficient amount of support to balance things out to a point when the blogosphere will just move on.

And besides, a lot of people would just ignore the whole thing, a lot of people which are part of this virtual "blogosphere". They will, as I do partly, find it just too distasteful, negative and unworthy of time and effort.

Why wouldn't I be more proactive about this? Well.. because I don't exactly know what else to say than the above that would make any more sense. Because I don't feel this is something that can ruin the blogosphere and because there are hence better causes to spend time on.

And to those who made threats, well guys, you already chose to play the self humiliating role of an underdog in a sphere where there are no underdogs (because everyone is given an equal footing). If you wish to live so lowly, be my guest. The nature of collective intelligence will chew you and spit you out before you know it. There's no place for you here.

Thank you


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If too many people say "oh

If too many people say "oh it's just an anomaly, the blogosphere will sort itself out", it's not going to sort itself out at all. You ARE the blogosphere.

If we are to believe Carla Schroder, and I don't see any reason why not, this is NOT an anomaly.

To Chris Locke I have a simple reply: if you own or moderate a site, you are responsible for what people post to it. You're not assumed to agree with what they post, but you *are* responsible. Of course it's possible someone will post something bad and it takes a while before you see it, nobody will hold you responsible for that.

By the way, destroying the evidence (deleting the whole site) may not be a smart move.

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another link: is killing

another link: is killing anonymity the solution? I don't think so...

I'll try to blog my thoughts on the matter tonight.

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I see I should have read

I see I should have read Carla's blog before posting. You're right and she is right too. She nails it in fact. I posted what I posted above probably more out of an annoyance. I just despise this sort of primitivism sometimes to a point that I wish to run away rather than deal with it.

The point she makes is probably the lesson that everyone should draw from this. Some things are not free speech if they end up violating another. It's that old "freedom is balance" theory I tend to talk about a lot here. Admins who let these kinds of posts permiate their virtual premises should really grow a spine. If they would, we wouldn't have what we have here today.

Absolutely right you are.

Thanks for the link.


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