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Defending business

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Joined: 2004-07-12 as a portal into the "Digital Freedom Movement" which will be our new slogan can serve many varying purposes at any time, depending on the issues that we take on with our content. All of these purposes would fit in the bigger picture of defending and propagating freedom in a digital realm.

Lately, one purpose that I am finding important to pursue on is offering balanced views and dispersing common misunderstanding about many things, such are common misunderstandings of the goals and motivations behind the Free Software movement.

That said I've had an idea of which the implementation may not be at all hard. We could build the image of our voice as one which defends business. There are a lot of people in a largely business oriented world who are usually attracted by the mention of "business", especially those who strive to accomplish something through their own small business ventures.

In the process of defending business we do the following:

  • We disperse the common misunderstanding of a Free Software movement as a movement against corporations, commercialization and businesses.
  • We propagate the message which presents Free Software movement not as anti-capitalist, but as pro-original-capitalism. We say that Free Software movement is really about restoring the Free Market (where every party has the freedom to participate without facing the obstacle of someone's monopoly over code and information). In that sense, we defend business by fighting to preserve opportunities for small businesses to flourish rather than being swept away by monopolies.

I think this message is still not heard often and loud enough, despite the existence of GNU/Linux corporations such as RedHat. Some people still perceive the word "free" in Free Software as gratis. Some people still see FSF as some sort of an anarchist or even communist organization. We need to blow these beliefs out of the sky because they are so utterly incorrect. The opposite is true. Free Software Movement is saving capitalism from collapsing under its own corruption.


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Perhaps we could even say

Perhaps we could even say "the Free Software Movement is saving humanity from collapsing under its own corruption" Smiling .

It may sound like too much, but:

if you control software, you control information (more and more nowadays)
if you control information, you control people

proprietary software contains the seed of DRM
DRM contains the seed of ending free speech

if you don't know exactly what the computer does, you don't know if it is working for you or for someone else (voting machines, internet banking fraud, ...)

Free software is not only protecting the free market, it is protecting all freedom.

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Your posts builds up to the

Your posts builds up to the conclusion which ends up quite obvious actually. Smiling And of course, you're right, but it may be beneficial to throw many such statements for more specific things rather than one general statement.

So a specific statement would be that Free Software saves free market while a general statement is, of course, that it saves humanity.

"Sure it does, but let's first tell you how exactly.. let's lead you step by step through the worlds systems so you can see more easily for yourself how exactly does it end up saving humanity. At the end of the journey you'll be screaming for Free Software!"


EDIT: Btw, here's how we can lead people through this journey. We write a multitude of articles each one covering one aspect of humanity positively affected by Free Software. At the end of this "series" we write one final article on this which merely connects the dots (links to these previous articles) in a way that leads to an obvious conclusion: Free Software saves freedom of all humanity.

That would be an accomplishment. Smiling


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Note: There was a fork of

Note: There was a fork of this discussion towards one about new Libervis slogan, so it has been split and moved here:



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