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Do you believe in technology?

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My impression is that the current popular thinking among people we could sum up as "technologists" is that technology will make everything better. In a way, the thinking goes that technology is our only saviour - it is a practical product of science and science comes from the human thought.

In other words, when we say that technology will save us we basically say we, humans, will save ourselves (oh not God, not some divine creature(s) from space, us, the mighty human race destined to conquer *at least* this quadrant of the galaxy by the half of the current millenium (25th century).

Do you believe that we are capable, through science and technology, to truly make everything ultimately better?

So far technological progress seems to have had two faces, the good and evil. We suppose that this is because technology itself knows no good or evil, it is neutral and it is up to us how will we use it.

Indeed, but do you believe it will be possible to make technology that will be intrisically good, that is, whose potential good uses outways potential evil uses?

What is your stance?

I am personally fascinated by tech and am inclined to believe good can come of it. I can't imagine a world without tech anymore... I'm not the kind of guy who'll go gardening, I'm the kind of guy who'd rather accept chips in his brain and leave robots to gardening. :-P


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Re: Do you believe in technology?

Technology never is intrinsically good, it can always be abused one way or another. So the question is "do we believe humans will do more good than evil"?

I think so.

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