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Do You Preach To The Choir?

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I see a lot of posts in the forums that seem favorable to free software and free media formats. Are we all just patting each other on the backs for our decisions and not being missionary enough to spread the creed around to those who really need to hear it? Are we not trying harder to catch the young and critically important iPod/MySpace crowd to lure them in to read this content and participate? Are we not doing enough to encourage activism? Have we not started at home and converted all of our families over (or even attempted it) to free software and free media formats, and then tried our other relatives? Have you not created a really neat Live CD for a relative to try simply because they might like it better?

And what if we could lasso the moon a moment, think big, think if Daniel could actually afford the bandwidth on a different plan -- what if converted so that young teens had a MySpace-like environment here? What if I could get and a script would run to prevent me from putting proprietary media formats in my blog, using Flash, or even hyperlinking proprietary media formats? I mean, perhaps that's too extreme, or the wrong direction, but the point is that we might be preaching to the choir if we don't find ways to catch the iPod/MySpace crowd and don't flip on the "activism" switch.

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I don't think libervis is

I don't think libervis is preaching to the choir, IMHO it is not a place for preaching but one for contemplation. I agree we should do more to catch the young crowd that doesn't know anything about our ideals yet, but I think we should do that on separate sites.

Libervis as it is now is used mostly by people who already have some understanding of the issues. Bringing in too many who don't yet have any clue what free culture and free software really are about would destroy something useful. If we transform libervis into the kind of site you suggest, we would lose the "brain" of the network where the new parts of the libervis network are invented.

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It's good to see someone

It's good to see someone question the direction every now and then so thank you for your observations supermike.

I agree that we should try to attract the young crowd, the iPod/MySpace generation, and this is something that's been on my mind for quite a while. Some might remember when I was talking about wanting to make the design and visual identity of seem "cool" and attractive to the "cool kids". I wrote a couple of articles with a theme that would appeal to the rebellious nature of teenagers, (which isn't too foreign to me since I wasn't a teenager that long ago). The idea you mention is a recurring thought in me. Smiling

But, as Taco says, is the brain here and as such plays a significant role for the network. could maybe engage smaller sub-projects that could attract the iPod generation and can publish articles that appeal to them, but if we are to go anywhere further, with whole web sites and services those would have to be separate sites.

For those ideas are always welcome. And there already are some ideas..

In short, is above all else really a discussion site, a think tank of free minded people, and it isn't doing too bad as such.


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Good. I'm glad you didn't

Good. I'm glad you didn't take this negatively. At least it's something you've thought about.

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