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Does anyone use koivi editor?

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You may or may have not notice that Libervis Forums, that is the software that powers them (Community Bulletin Board) has built in WYSIWYG editor called "Koivi Editor".Infact you have three choices in the "Select Editor" section of the page for writing posts. First is the default XOOPS DHTML editor, second is Koivi and third is just a plain textarea form.I usually just use the default as it seems to be the fastest way to write a post. By default it supports xoops bbcode and you can manually add html if you enable html tags.Koivi editor requires html tags enabled for post to turn out right as it relies alot on HTML. It's pretty neat though, take a look and you'll see this forum software, even though not so known as phpbb or vB is actually a nice little beast. :-)CheersDaniel


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Re: Does anyone use koivi editor?

I don't. Formatting with XHTML by hand ftw.



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