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Encouraging projects development

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One of the ideas behind the 2008 revision of is to encourage more practical undertakings, in addition to discussions, where people would propose and cooperate on projects which promote responsible uses of technology, uses which promote freedom.

My thought was to allow people to do this in the existing forums. For example, if your idea is mostly about culture (music, movies etc.) then the idea can be posted in the creativity and culture forum or if it is more specifically about technology then in the technology forum etc.

But it might not quite yet be obvious enough to visitors of the site that this is something we encourage. First thought was, then, to add "projects" subforums, but then we'd have a bunch of new yet still empty forums. Second idea, which might be better, was to just add stickies in the existing forums describing some guidelines or otherwise just encouraging people to post project ideas and proposals.

What do you think?


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