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Folding, anyone?

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Well, I was thinking of giving my often lazy machine a workout by folding. Has anyone else tried it out before? Should there be a Libervis folding team? Discuss.

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It was quite a while ago but

It was quite a while ago but I once tried to install some app of that kind and ran it here and there, and then quit because either it got in the way of what I was doing.. but I guess the point is to run it when not doing anything. Sticking out tongue

Still.. if you leave your machine on all the time, but mostly idle, it would probably take less energy than if you kept it constantly busy by folding, right?

Anyway, forming a team sounds like a cool idea if we could get enough others to join in. I'll link this from our channel (which is the most active part of Libervis nowadays Smiling ).

Thanks for the suggestion. I might try this again. Smiling /me looks in Ubuntu repositories...


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