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FOSS in government

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How do your local and national governments view open source? Here where I live in Florida, it is not highly regarded.
Locally, Statewide, and I believe nationally. Most, I believe, are so used to doing things the microsoft way, they have become unwilling to change.
I deal with a state agency that only lets you access their site if you use internet explorer or netscape. You would think that a State agency should be free from discriminating against users who choose open source. They should at least use open standard compliant webpages.
Any one paying attention to what is going on in Massachusetts? infoweek/Mass.
Had any luck advocating in your locale? If so, what was your successful strategy.

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Re: FOSS in government

As far as i know, and it's not hard to know it, Croatian government is also going with the current and using MS software in parliament and operations..

Actually, our government is so smart that they mostly don't even know how to use a computer, letalone know anything significant about free software and ethical implications of the proprietary software that they use.

Strategy? The main strategy again would be education and promotion (strong lobbying). Governments should be first educated about software and social, ethical as well as practical implications of using unfree instead of free software.

Thank you


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Re: FOSS in government

:hum: Australian Gov. = nothing whatsoever.


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