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France about to get worst copyright law in Europe?

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See this one for details

It seems they are going to ban all free software in France

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Re: France about to get worst copyright law in Europe?

We are working on it. So far the mobilization in every part of the society is big, and we have good hopes to block this infamous project.
Have a nice week-end,

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Re: France about to get worst copyright law in Europe?

Read the article and just had to sign the petition in my fit of rage. Seriously, this is disgusting.

It's amazing what kind of laws politicians will try to pass if they think they can get a free meal out of the deal. Bane of society, I swear.

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Re: France about to get worst copyright law in Europe?

A prohibition on all software that permits transmission [disposition is unclear without greater context] of copyrighted material that does not integrate both a watermark and DRM.

Do they really want to prohibit all network software that exists today? Browsers, ftp clients, http servers, ftp servers, email...

What is this insanity?

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Re: France about to get worst copyright law in Europe?

Insanity indeed.. I just got around to checking this out and you can imagine how disgusted I am. This is much worse than what they have in US (even with DMCA legislation which is pretty limited compared to this).

These are the things that happen when you have wrong people biased by their corrupted interests inside the governing bodies of the country and what's worse is that if they succeed at pushing this in France other countries (under the pressure of the entertainment industry) may follow up. So much for a democratic european union.

But there's an irony to all this. If they do ban Free Software from France they can expect a hit at their economy. What about France based Mandriva? What about the fact that FOSS is becoming too important in the world for france to ignore it like this?

This is either a big mistake or "France" (as in it's leaders) lost their minds in the recent riots..

Glad to hear something's happening in order to block this, as Charles noted, any details?



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