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Free Software Game Development Website idea.

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I have this brilliant idea for a new website. The only problem is my website skills are not up to making it.
The problem : It is hard to find game developers for your free software project. Several good projects never get enough developers to get it off the ground even though the concept is great. Sometimes teams manage to get together and develop a game, but then no one ever even hears that the game exists and they don't know if it is any good. There are some real gems of free software games that took me a while to find, but never even get into distros because they are only alphas, to trivial (like text games) or

Current sites do not fix this problem, fresh meat is just about software releases and I never use it anyway. It has no social networking componet to it. Sourceforge, Savvannah and other sites like that are strictly about project hosting. They are horrible to navigate and get to know potential team members who would be intrested in working on a project. They also don't host trivial projects like shell scripts that could be useful for developers.

sites such as have too many projects listed on them, many are proprietary, and there is no easy way to search through them to find a project you are intrested in.

So basically I want a website that takes care of the following things,
1. Finding game project team members.
2. Finding free software games.

Basically, the site should consiste of the following things.

1. big database of projects catagorized and then subcatagorized, by things such as genre, (rpg, fps platformer, puzzle etc), sub genre (sci fi, fantasy, etc) games should be able to belong to more than one catagory if it is suitable tech level (text based, 2d graphics, 3d graphics, web browser) (can only choose one of thesse) You should be able to look through projects and look for what is needed

2. Secondly, a fourm, and maybe even a chat room where people congregate and discuss starting and working on free software projects. I feel like projects sort of become thier own little worlds unto themselves that never really interact with other projects. So like there are some things that I feel could help free software games in general. For instance, I co-wrote a forking script to rename a bunch of files, so a place for shell scripts and things like that would be good. To make it really good we could have profiles for users for thier intrests and skills.

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Re: Free Software Game Development Website idea.

I'm sorry for not responding to this earlier. I just saw it last night (my new job is keeping me away from my sites longer..).

I think that's an interesting idea, and it would be something I would consider doing as I reevaluate what to do with my little network. If it fits the plan and there's a way for it to pay for itself and the time spent developing and maintaining it (AKA a business model) it might be worth trying.

Have you pitched the idea to anyone anywhere else? Just curious.


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Re: Free Software Game Development Website idea.

No, I have not pitched my site idea anywhere else yet. I want to get some feedback and try to refine it a bit. Also, I am not sure the best place to pitch it so it gets implemented. I know that current sites do not really serve this need. Maybe a site like this already exists, but for some reason never caught on and got popular enough to be of much use.

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Re: Free Software Game Development Website idea.

Many gamers have thought of ideas they would love to see made into reality, but creating a video game is not a small task. In the past it required special equipment and a decent amount of programming knowledge just to make basic games.


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