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Free Culture Newswire RSS

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Some improvements have been made to our Free Culture Newswire! :-D

We finally have an RSS feed for it. Now, that may seem trivial, but the newswire was actually a page displaying news items fed from various Free Culture related sources that provided an RSS feed. However, we didn't have that actual page fed into a new unique newswire of our own. Well, now we do! And that is now a Free Culture newswire RSS feed that you can use to get most of the Free Culture related news directly to your desktop or your web site.

The way it goes, it practically takes multiple existing RSS feeds and combines them into one, as well as displaying them on a page. Cool huh? ;-)

Because of this, I can now put that feed into our newswire block on the right of our homepage which was, until now, displaying mostly software related news. The reason for that was because the system used to power that block apparently puts certain feeds above others and then you end up displaying news mostly from that feed, while leaving others out. Well, now that all we need is one single feed for all sites the news in that block is gonna be a whole lot more relevant and covering much more of Free Culture than before. :-)

Besides that the looks of the newswire page was improved a bit. I think it fits the look of the rest of the site even better now.

So to recap and also remind you of the benefits of Libervis Newswire, it displays all Free Culture related news on one page (and now in a block on the homepage) and as of now has an [url=[/url]RSS feed[/url] you can use. Also, the newswire page enables you to close news items you've checked out, as well as share them under a libervisnews tag on social bookmarking site (though only tbuitenh did that so far, we should all start!Smiling.

So I think that with this we are the first site on Earth to cover not only all Free Culture topics of discussion, but all the news from it (though automated, like a "planet" which is a script behind it anyway).

Thanks to Taco Buitenhuis (tbuitenh) for the modification he made so it can work like this. (vodka!). What I did was just modify his code to create an RSS feed and make some styling.

EDIT: Btw, if you want any news to be displayed in a newswire just submit it as libervis news and upon approval it will appear in a wire. It could even get featured on the homepage. :-)

Oh and sorry for the long post again. I just can't seem to even announce something without writing a whole article. :\



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Re: Free Culture Newswire RSS

Sounds grand :-D

Now to set up an aggregator for myself...


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