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Free Learning!

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You know, as time goes on I notice that it gets harder and harder to sell things. Not for me, (because I don't have anything to sell) but for others. Free stuff keeps coming and everything from linux to Drupal keeps smashing the $$$ competition.

One of the things I am speaking about is the rise of free videos. You can find lots of videos online for fun, but now-a-days you can also find lots of training videos for free. Like for example, this list of PHP videos. Why pay for some training when you have these?

Now, I chose PHP just because I am a web guy - but you can pick lots of different things and find videos for them.

I don't know, I guess I am just exited about the fact that soon learning will just be a mater of looking up movies on Google. Anyone else think this is cool? Laughing out loud

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Hi Xeoncross. I do think it

Hi Xeoncross. I do think it is cool. Smiling

It's not however necessarily that everything is becoming free. It is just that due to technological advancements and internet itself people discover that they no longer find value in paying for certain things they had to pay for before and instead find value in some other things. It is all about services these days, not selling virtual "products" on the web. So the money is just shifting from one area to another where it can do more.

And of course, those who have before been making money on these sorts of things are now realizing they have to adapt. You know, the honeymoon is over. Now you have to build real value for people and sell that.

I'll have to take a look at some of those videos. Thanks for linking. Smiling


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