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How do you "advocate" free software?

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My way of "advocating" free software and open source is through this site, through writing articles (will be more in the future, definitely), talking about it on forums, conviencing people into the merits, values and virtues of it. I base my advocating on the basic principle of freedom measuring freedom as the most important dimension in the world of freedom software.

I believe that for free software advocates, this is life, wherever the go and whenever they get a chance, they'll talk about it, it becomes your lifestyle. And it is a good and positive thing.

Are you considering yourself a freedom software/open source advocate? If you do, how do you "advocate"? What is your way of conviencing people to try linux for example or to make them believe in the values of freedom software as much as you do?

Thank you.


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Re: How do you "advocate" free software?

I am not exactly a FOSS advocate, I am an advocate of using the right software. Usually this means I advocate FOSS cause in most cases it has very high quality and unbeatable quality/price ratio.
I contribute mostly by beta testing. And of course by advising everyone looking for software to use my favourites :-) .

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