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How to improve?

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Good day!

[=small]note to mods: I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post such messages, do move my post if I am wrong.[/]

I am not sure how many designers come here, but I hope everyone can give me his/her opinion on my site and on how to improve it:

This site is actaully a site for my school's website making contest. And I would appreciate any feedback on it and hopefully, some one will give me some advice, tips etc.

Thanks for looking Laughing

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Re: How to improve?

This forum (open source web) is for recommending, discussing, reviewing etc. of open source/free software related website's. Webmasters can post their site for review here, but only for review and without promo talk. Anyway. yours is fine.

I checked your site and the loading flash is very cool. However it went very slow on my busy machine so i had to close it not to crash. I'll check it out at a later time and let you know of my opinions. It seems it's not finished yet though, but it may turn out pretty good. Good luck on your contest.



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Re: How to improve?

Hi, thanks for your comments.

I am sorry about the flash thing. It is scripted and takes up quite alot of resources.

However, the testing machine for the contest is on a top-end, windows machine which runs the latest version of IE. Load time is not considered in the calculation of the final marks.

However, the file size IS a little too big. I'll see what I can do about it.

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