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how to kill msn instant messenger?

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I suspect microsoft will eventually stop making much money from operating systems and will move to lock-in using webservices as a main revenue source instead.

An obvious service where lock-in is beginning to happen is their instant messenging software. Lots of people have msn accounts because that is the only way to send their friends instant messenges, almost only those who care enough about software freedom have accounts with different providers too (various jabber servers, yahoo, icq...). It's almost as much a near-monopoly as windows is.

Yes, you can connect to msn messenger users by using multi-network clients such as pidgin, but the experience is quite like running windows apps with wine: for simple things it works fine, for more advanced features it doesn't.

My question is: what can we do to make our friends stop using msn instant messenger, and use jabber instead? Just stopping using it ourselves doesn't work, our friends will say "too bad, but I'm not going to install extra software just to be able to talk to one person", and telling them about lock in will only show they are already locked in ("can't stop using it because all my friends use it too").

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I set my msn name to "please

I set my msn name to "please use: ...icq" (where ... is my account name on those servers), which is a very long and therefore annoying name. If that doesn't send a message, I don't know what will Smiling . I suggest that everyone else who dislikes msn but is locked in by their friends does the same thing.

I know it would be better when everyone switched to a jabber server instead of icq or yahoo, but let's be realistic and get rid of proprietary instant messenging one service at a time.

EDIT: removed the @'s after the ...'s because those caused ugly formatting

EDIT 2: I'm not asking for yahoo or icq to be used anymore because it turns out nobody has accounts with those anyway. It's a msn monopoly over here.

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Due to IRC I rarely use

Due to IRC I rarely use instant messaging and I don't really have many people to talk to over that anyway. But primarily I tend to use ICQ.

MSN was actually something I passed up by a huge margin. Never felt the need for it. Most friends I did get in touch with online were over ICQ. Smiling

But my dad and sisters started using it recently because of their friends, which clearly shows that I'm, unfortunately, an exception rather than rule here in Croatia too. So most Croatians are locked in as well.

I suppose I can try and affect my sisters with regards to that.. They both have an ICQ account as well already.


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I got an alternative way to

I got an alternative way to contact one friend, because gmail chat users can now connect to users of other jabber servers. It didn't do that when I tried it long ago. Thumbs up for google!

Maybe we should make a little website to promote jabber and irc?

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not a problem here

Where I am, no one uses MSN. Everyone uses AIM.



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different service, same lock-in
a thing wrote:

Where I am, no one uses MSN. Everyone uses AIM.

Funny, over here nobody uses AIM and everyone uses MSN. I guess we're all locked in to a proprietary service by our friends, but there is no clear winner yet.

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Pascal told me about this

Pascal told me about this bit in the ICQ EULA:


You agree that by posting any material or information anywhere on the ICQ Services and Information you surrender your copyright and any other proprietary right in the posted material or information. You further agree that ICQ Inc. is entitled to use at its own discretion any of the posted material or information in any manner it deems fit, including, but not limited to, publishing the material or distributing it.

(criticism section in wikipedia entry)

I remember hotmail has something similar, most likely MSN too but we would have to look that up.

I like the idea of a jabber promotion page similar to more and more...

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MSN is by far the most

MSN is by far the most popular IM network in terms of unique users. AIM and Yahoo barely have any users outside of the USA.

It's that reason that I'm on MSN a LOT; most of my friends are from Europe.

Frankly, I've found that, to a certain extent, I have to either use MSN or stop contacting my friends. I've given them the ultimatum at one point that I was going to stop using MSN, AIM and YIM. MANY of them installed Google Talk, but frankly most of them hate it. Truthfully I hate Jabber because it's so plain.

MSN exports smilies, handles voice chat, video chat, games, chat rooms and so on. Those features are the reason why none of my friends use IRC, and the reason none of them will give up MSN.

MSN aside... Kopete has many bugs, and crappy implimentations of those protocols. It does Jabber well, but then Jabber is about as interesting as a can of drying white paint. Pidgin hasn't added video and voice in the several years they've been having it requested as a feature... Frankly, as much as people are going to hate me for saying it, this is ONE product in which Microsoft does it better. I'd certainly love to see that change.

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Alright, that idea seems

Alright, that idea seems interesting now...

I have a couple of jabber accounts but I always end up not using them, so I better address the reasons. Simply, it's because, unlike ICQ and other services, there is usually no easy way to get a new password when you forget one. ICQ password I know by heart for years, just as the ICQ number, but regarding jabber I barely remember what is the actual account name.

Is there a service which provides something like this? I've given up on setting up a libervis jabber server and setting up a "forgot password" service on top might be an overhead..

Seems like the right things always come with extra effort.


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Switching from MSN to ICQ or

Switching from MSN to ICQ or AIM or Yahoo! is no use at all, it's the same same shit all over again. Around here, most people use ICQ, but some of my friends use MSN (and, some, not ICQ) because ICQ is crap. MSN is probably worst in a way...


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I also use ICQ, I guess it

I also use ICQ, I guess it was just the first around, and I still use it sometimes.
I try to push my friends to use the OTR-plugin, so that communication is encrypted, but most don't want to do that, so there's not much chance many of them will abandon ICQ and switch to Jabber.

Here in Hong Kong also MSN is very spread. Nearly everybody here in the office uses it, and I guess 2 out of 3 people with an internet-connection around here have it.

Also, as has been mentioned before. People actually seem to like these ugly interfaces MSN and Yahoo give them.
I have to say, that I pretty much prefer Kopete, though it can't handle ICQ-file-transfers.

And if I want to play I fire up Exult or something else, but not ICQ.

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