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ICANN trying to tax domain names

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Joined: 2004-12-07 is reporting on a plan by ICANN to tax .NET and possibly other domains in the future. The question raised on Slashdot was whether this constituted taxation without representation, which while not unusual is a bad thing.

Here's the article:

As the owner of several domains I don't like the idea of prices going up unless I am going to get some benfit in service out of it. But since ICANN is primarily a psuedo-regulatory body I won't be expecting to get anything back from them. What do y'all think? Taxing the internet a good or bad precident?

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Re: ICANN trying to tax domain names

I think it's really a bad thing, there is no way like taxing something that you can't enhance ...

If this really happen, I think it would be time to consider making an open source dns network to manage new packs of domains, I'm pretty sure we could replace the ICANN for that.

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Re: ICANN trying to tax domain names

The problem I see is that the ICANN is a non-profit entity that is necessary under our current internet structure, I would obviously prefer a more decentralized approach to having one body oversee all the root servers and tell everyone what valid TLDs were but for now this is the best available.

Being a non-profit though I don't understand the reasoning behind trying to baloon their budget. Their role is fairly well defined and they should not be a research center, they just need to keep the system running. The problem is that ICANN like all other very powerful entities with authority over a huge number of people will naturally want to abuse what power they have.

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