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Influencing the new world order: how or when?

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Sounds good, at least

Sounds good, at least better. Smiling

We had coalitions before as well. In fact I think that's how Social-Democratic Party got big. Nowadays I rarely see the names of whatever other party they're supposed to be in coalition so I assume that even if they are, it's merely formal - it's all about SDP. And the other one is HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union).. And that's pretty much it.

EDIT: Well there are plenty of parties in Croatia, but only these two really get the majorities, and the rest get, metaphorically speaking, the crumbs.

And, didn't know you were still editing the post when replying. Oops. Laughing out loud


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Hey, no commenting on posts

Hey, no commenting on posts I'm editing Eye

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Totally agree, I'm feeling

Totally agree, I'm feeling very happy after reading your views :-)

libervisco wrote:

Perhaps there could be an IPO if it could pose an additional special requirement or condition to the share holders which would cease to make profits the only factor for which they would want to keep their shares... I've no idea how though atm.

That's a tricky one ok, there are the stock market regulations to consider too, but if it could work it would be a step in the right direction.

It had crossed my mind before that national and private workers pension funds for example have investment needs worth supporting. One of the ways to raise finance without ceding ownership is to issue a bond that pays set and/or profit-related dividends, so this could be a win-win for both parties. Afaik there's no bar on issuing private bonds so it's limited to worthy investors only, rather than inviting all-comers via a public bond issue. The problem is how to create a seperate bond market large enough to give welcome investor types confidence that they can sell on the bonds if necessary, that kind of confidence takes decades.

Franchising strikes me as a missing accelerant in the co-operative movement. Then we've got potential financial allies like Friendly Building Societies, Credit Unions, and Microfinance banks in the third world. The ingredients are there for much greater socio-economic improvement, they're just not working together very well yet, some kind of catalyst is needed.

Such lofty deals are a long way off for me though, for now it's hacking away solo in the spare bedroom to grow organically. I feel like a right hermit at times, it's great to have positive powerful minds to bounce ideas off and be more inspired.

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Yeah, it's a bit of a

Yeah, it's a bit of a stretch. I guess some kind of a system could be done as you describe, but we'd have to yet see if it'd be worth it..

We're both still small, and there's quite a bit of growth room before that stage. In fact, it is questionable whether a company really needs to grow that big to need an IPO, to be ultimately successful. Perhaps corporatism has made it too much of a priority among entrepreneurs to become some big barely manageable empires. It may be better to just build a few small to medium companies, always privately held and compliant to principles and if they're all yours, just network them.

I'm reminded of the Virgin brand, although I guess many of Virgin companies went IPO it shows that this kind of networking isn't even such a novel idea. Smiling

Hmm.. come 2020 and "Libervis" becomes a known brand in the yet not entirely defined market it is supposed to create and serve. Sticking out tongue

Well we can dream. Smiling


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