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Intel Adds DRM to New Chips

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"UNFORTUNATELY we missed the London Intel press conference yesterday when the firm once more introduced its Pentium D 820, 830, 840 and the 945 chipset that supports it.

Although many of the details of these processors and chipsets were heralded by Intel as long ago as February, Digit Mag has picked up on an interesting part of the announcement.

The magazine said Intel has enabled digital rights management (DRM) for these products, but an Intel rep confirmed the 945 would help implement Microsoft's DRM at a chip level, although he wouldn't discuss the details.

It will get worse before it gets better, according to your point of view, because Intel continues behind the scenes to push hard on the trusted computing modules and Microsoft's future OS is expected to implement these features in full.

Corporations which buy PCs will probably like these features, but such things come at a cost, and third party manufacturers of mobos and the rest might find the additional items in the bill of materials a little hard to bear."

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Okay, this is really the worst thing that could ever happen. I will NEVER buy an Intel CPU again. NEVER.

Seriously, look at that now, we're already stuck with a Microsoft Windows logo on our KEYBOARDS, now our CPU would need to have MICROSOFT code burned in? I mean, what the heck, I would never pay for that!

If AMD falls, I'm going to PPC core.

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Re: Intel Adds DRM to New Chips

Well, I've used Intel processor from the beginning to 2005/01/01, and i'll never go back to them

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Re: Intel Adds DRM to New Chips

My first post in a while. I've been away, and busy etc etc.

This area is a bit of a sore spot for me. I'm resigned to the fact that there's not much we're going to be able to do about it. If everyone continues buying Intel processors without Evil Inside, maybe they'll get the point, but I doubt it. If everyone were to start costing them money by not buying the chipped processors, I'm sure the giants would get together much like the *AAs have and make it law to have a trust chip.

Oh well, it'll be interesting to see how the rest plays out. I've just proven I can do without the Internet over this last weekend, so if I'm forcibly removed from it, well... It'd probably be for the better. ;-)

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Re: Intel Adds DRM to New Chips

First of all, there's no problem with using a chip that has support for DRM. Simply don't use software that makes use of that part of the hardware. There's no way any chip could recognize it's, say, decoding an mp3, forget about knowing if that mp3 is copyrighted or not.
Second, there is something much more scary about this chip:


Conversely, Intel is heavily promoting what it calls "active management technology" (AMT) in the new chips as a major plus for system administrators and enterprise IT. Understood to be a sub-operating system residing in the chip's firmware, AMT will allow administrators to both monitor or control individual machines independent of an operating system.

Additionally, AMT also features what Intel calls "IDE redirection" which will allow administrators to remotely enable, disable or format or configure individual drives and reload operating systems and software from remote locations, again independent of operating systems. Both AMT and IDE control are enabled by a new network interface controller.

Meaning: it's possible to format your disk remotely, or worse, install an illegal copy of windows without you knowing. Now that is an awful surprise: you boot your computer in the morning, and find your linux has been replaced by windows, and the next moment you have the BSA at your door....
No matter how much DRM and security measures there will be in the thing, people WILL find a way to play this "joke" on each other.

I don't need a new computer anytime soon, but I guess the next one is not going to be intel-based. I always thought the x86's above 486 were doing a bit more than a processor should, but now it's going much too far.

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Re: Intel Adds DRM to New Chips

Well, if this trend continues in the x86 plaform, that is, if the only viable alternative left, AMD, falls for these new technologies within the threcherous computing initiatives, i will seriously consider moving on to the PowerPC platform. I would probably buy a Mac and then replace Mac OS X with GNU/Linux or *BSD. In that case there may be many others who'd be considering this which may incent a greater support for the PPC platform among the GNU/Linux and *BSD distributions. Some distros already do have a full PPC support already.

Besides, as far as i know at least, there's not much of a technological advantages of x86 over PPC. PowerPC processors are known to be of high performaces compared to both AMD and Intel processors on the same architecture. That is, a PowerPC G5 on 1Ghz is likely to be faster than 1Ghz Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP (or maybe even MP).

But we'll see what happens. However, we shouldn't just sit still about it. We should oppose "trusted computing" initiative and its continious implementation anywhere, be it software or hardware. If we don't oppose to it, speak up against it, do something and instead just look as they implement it everywhere and then escape to an alternative platform (like PPC) we'd be like cowards running out of trouble instead of confronting it.

We are the market and this market wants to be free. We don't want "trusted computing" and any company that implements it goes against its own market. The processor i buy is mine and only mine since i payed for it, noone should be able to remotely control it in any way, nor should it contain any technologies which will disable me from using my machine the way I want it!

Thank you


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