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iPhone locks

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I'm always impressed with the way Apple handles marketing. A big part in their success so far has been in the fact that they are selling an experience in addition to the actual functional products. They sell that "feel good" effect.

The same is happening with iPhone and the whole hype campaign around this smartphone is gonna reach its peak at June 29, its launch date.

Is anyone here actually planning to buy it?

Well, I would strongly suggest against it. Just read this. It's just a quick glance over what this phone actually represents.. another golden cage. Who is really in control of this phone? Apple or the buyer who shells out $500 USD to have it?

I would just rather wait for Neo1973.


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OpenMoko for the win! I was

OpenMoko for the win!

I was having this discussion with my CEO, actually, who by all means isn't "tech savvy". He does, however, have a growing appreciation for "Open Source" and software libre - having control over our code and equipment gives us control over his business, and he likes that.

Anyway, this CEO asked me "Why would anyone want that? It looks shiny, but you have the be in a VERY nice market for it... Assuming it even works."

Strike one for advocacy. Smiling

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I hope he wasn't talking

I hope he wasn't talking about Neo1973 when he said that. Eye

Anyway, it's always great to hear about CEOs who don't fall for all the hype and who are open minded enough to consider Free Software related solutions without dismissal. Funny.. this should really be a common theme among successful entrepreneurs, to think differently and be open minded, but well... some are really not much more but cash rich trend chasers I suppose.

Good to know your CEO isn't just one of those.



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