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Is FSF turning the tide?

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Have you seen the current featured news?

FSF launches anti-DRM campaign outside WinHEC 2006

This campaign was already announced before, but this is the first protest, actually probably the first protest of its kind ever. Alot of technologists and computer users as well as music lovers already were pretty wary of DRM since it is simply unnatural. It is such a clear imposition against our natural urge to share that it almost needs no explaining to many people.

However, it seems that FSF is now about to turn the tide and leverage this disatisfaction with DRM into real, active protests that wont go unnoticed by everyone!

The outcome could be extraordinary. In any case as this new initiative grows I think the battle becomes ever more tighter and harsher.

This is so exciting my skin is getting chills... :-D Free Software lies closer to my heart than any other cause. It is at the foundation of the Free Culture as well. And the enemy number one right now is without a doubt DRM. And it's finally being actively targeted.

Shall I shout?




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Re: Is FSF turning the tide?

A few clicks away from there, you can find this:

Interesting SF horror story...

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