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Josh King interview

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Okay.. we can start working on this now..

Josh King is the founder of DebCentral, Debian Homepage and DotMil Technologies company. He is obviously an experienced Debian user and fan as well as the supporter of GNU/Linux and Free Software in general.

As someone who we can expect has alot of insight into all things debian I think we can ask various debian related questions. Debian is a pretty unique kind of project. Not only that it is probably the most popular and most used base distro (if you use ubuntu, you're basically using a kind of debian), but is also completely noncommercial and quite political which makes it pretty interesting.

We can ask him about his general involvement with Debian, besides being the founder of these debian related sites and his future plans..

Anyway, to put it in some questions to start with here we are..

- What do you think about Debian as a "political project"?

- Do you think that Debian got a bit too byrocratic? Can it be seen responsible for the slow release process?

- What is your relation to the Debian project besides being a debian user?

- What do you hope to acomplish with your online projects? What are your goals?

- What does your company, DotMil Technologies, do?

Okay, those questions are still modifiable.. feel free to propose new ones that you would like see answered.

Thank you

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Re: Josh King interview

- How relieved were you when Debian 3.1 came out last year after years of development?

- Why do you think so many distrobutions of GNU/Liux are based on Debian? Out of them what do you think of the ones you have tried?

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