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Language Translation Site

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Recently when I was chatting over yahoo messenger, I received a message from an unknown "friend" and the message was in some language unknown to me. I kept searching which language it was in yahoo and Google, and finally i found out it was Vietnamese. Now I wanted to know what that message means, I did again the searching to my disappointment I couldnt find a great deal about it.

Later that day I also read about WIKI project, hence I thought there are so many language, why not do something where people can translate the languages easily. I have seen bablefish projects, but they are all very limited.

I have been searching in the website to know how online language translation works, but hav n't found any site useful. If you think its a good idea to build a comprehensive site where every language can be interpreted to their respective languages. Of course this isn't a small work, but nothing is impossible right!

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Re: Language Translation Site

That sounds like a good idea for a worthy project. Maybe someone that comes here will be interesting in actually doing something about it or at least discussing the idea.. Idea

I imagine such a wiki would be something like wikipedia divided into subsection for various languages and being developed cooperatively by anyone.

So, on the front page one would be able to choose from which to which language to translate and it would then enter that subsection where he can use the search function to search for the english word and it's explanation..


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Re: Language Translation Site


Now does any one know how online language translation works?

i think that wouldbe the first thing to do .

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Re: Language Translation Site

Give babelfish a mail perhaps? They seem like the type who would respond...? Smiling


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