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Lessig '08

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Lessig is thinking about running for congress. He wants to remove the influence of money from the political system. All I can say is: great, and good luck!

The politics of the USA have a huge influence on the rest of the world. A more fair system there helps everyone.

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Great news for sure. Judging

Great news for sure. Judging from what he said on iCommons last year this sort of thing has been on his mind for quite a while now and fighting corruption, or at least the non-transparent money flow in politics might have been something he's been interested in for longer than we know.

In any case it may prove to be a good platform on which he could get in the congress and then once there, in addition to this initial cause also influence change in copyrights and human rights in general (which are increasingly threatened in US).

So yes, definitely I wish him best of luck. He's among the rare new politicians I feel I can trust, at least to a larger point than any other. Eye

Edit: Btw, it may be worth going through the comments on his blog as there is, among the encouragement also some constructive criticism. I like some of the ideas, like making every action, even emails sent and of course the money received and given, public on the web site, to show just how transparent a politician can be. Lessig definitely has the inclination and likely the know-how to do this. So, not only would he be pursuing a particular political agenda that is positive, but his example would be showing an image of a new kind of positive politician. That's a double accomplishment.


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He would be a breath of

He would be a breath of fresh air for sure, I be there are outlandish practices he's not yet aware of in congress procedures that he'd look to reform once he got there. At the same time he's just one man, so even if he goes to congress there are limits to what's achievable, instead of expecting everything my take would be that any progress is welcome.

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Larry has decided not to run.
He doesn't think it would best serve the change congress campaign. I'm inclined to agree now that I think of it, over the years I've seen independent and single issue firebrands fall for the "change the system from the inside", only to get caught up in all the horse trading of you support my bill and I'll support yours, so eventually they all seem the same.

From the outside he can avoid all that and dedicate energies to changing as many minds as possible.

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