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Letter To The Main Culprit For It All

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We call it evolution. It started about 30.000 years ago. "Star Trek" is not the future to which we are transported from the time of dinosaurs and mammoths, we are not in the Enterprise and we don't travel through space at the speed of light, instead we snail through our congested and polluted streets; I am not Spock, you're not Sulu, and there is no Kirk. Instead of trying to solve them, you spent 30.000 years avoiding the problems by inventing new names for them. Thirty thousand years of problems have piled up. And here we are today.

Global financial crisis? This is not economic crisis, this is a crisis of nonsense and false morality, the biggest robbery in history is ongoing. The problem has never been a problem in itself but a reaction to the problem. Without any further ado, you are our biggest problem. Our problem is not the global financial elite, cunning lawyers, dirty politicians, corrupt trade unionists and all other mobs. Our biggest problem is you, that's right, literally you.

The least challenging and most effective form of control over the human population is that which the population cannot see due to its ignorance. To whom and how could it ever occur to rebel against slavery when they think they are free? The key to this labyrinth without exits is the illusion of freedom of choice.

To work more and more, and forgo more and more, is a process that has its mathematical and physical boundaries. And now, Culprit, we just got to that point!

No more infatuation, my friend, after 30,000 years, even though it's the last one, the greatest illusion of all times has finally died as well, hope. Real change can be achieved only when we massively stop cooperating with a system that has enslaved us through a dictatorship that just aims to take our own enslavement to extreme measure.

This is not a joke and this is not spam, "The Most Important Matrix Experiment Ever - Facebook" is the most important invitation that has ever been sent to you. What is 10 minutes of your time in respect to that which you still call life even though you're already dead on the most important fronts, or compared with the future of your children and their descendants? Nothing! Spread this invitation via forums, blogs, share it with at least one friend on Facebook if you can't somehow do more than that:

Letter To The Main Culprit For It All: The Most Important Matrix Experiment Ever - Facebook

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Re: Letter To The Main Culprit For It All

This does technically qualify as spam, but I'll leave it for now and read the link later.

I've watched both Zeitgeist movies though and I think they're great as far as exposing the debt money system, but terrible in its prescribed solutions. It's not the idea of money that is the problem, it is fiat money and state coercion. I see you're propping up an alternative "monetary system" now so it turns out money itself wasn't the real problem all along. I have a feeling you missed the mark again though. So long as you put a blind eye to the fact that government is nothing more than a monopoly on violence you'll be barking up the wrong tree.


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