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Libervis Jabber Server

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Thanks to Aeria Networks Libervis Network now has a dedicated jabber server for those who still don't use Jabber, have lost their old accounts or just want to get a new one for any reason.

You can register your new Jabber account at the following domains (which you enter as your host server too):

And alternatively you can choose one of the following two as well:

Those are not related to Libervis Network, but hey, it's hosted by a Libervis friend. ;-)

It is possible that I will in the future register a new domain name just for this which may then be routed to Aeria server.

The server port is 5222.

So if you pick a name jondoe on a server your new jabber address should be


My new jabber address is


Again I thank Kizmet from Aeria Networks for this nice service. :-)


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