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Linden Lab responds to a parody

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Have a look at this (funny!) page: get a first life. If you follow the "comments or cease and desist letters?" link, you can find this witty legalese comment from Linden Lab.
It educates the owner of the website about parody being fair use, and even gives him a license to use the modified eye-in-hand logo!

Refreshing, isn't it?

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Awesome! Funny thing,

Awesome! Smiling

Funny thing, reading a blog on getting a first life now ended up making me want to try Second Life even more.. because I just like these guys, even more now. Sticking out tongue

But on the other hand I guess I should hail the first life message considering I can't use Second Life yet. Smiling I'm not sure I really have much of a first life though, a lot of my time is still online.


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Yes it is rather refreshing,

Yes it is rather refreshing, it's a pity that so many companies behave in the opposite way.

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