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Looking back...

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An interesting thing just happened.

I started feeling a bit nostalgic about the past of

Colourbrand, a guy who used to post some very nice art he made in our old image gallery, now provided as a "legacy archive" sent me a Star Trek style image he did of an Enterprise traveling between planets, as a thank you gesture. The image is quite impressive! I just am not sure what I'm worth thanking for, especially with such a gesture. All I did was provide an image gallery module and allowed uploads... and those uploads were actually a contribution to this site. So I feel I should thank him.

Anyway, that made me look at the old image gallery and the little new one provided as a side component of this new, and that's when I felt a bit nostalgic. The images remind me of the past. I looked at the current Libervis Network logo and then at the logo in the header and realized I am taking it for granted, in some way... I visit this site and update it as part of the routine, participate or start discussions out of impulses or also a routine.. well I don't want to get into the problem of motivation here and I don't feel really that bad as I felt in that other thread a while back, but...

I just wanted to share this feeling. We had such a good time all things considered. There was so much enthusiasm breeding on this site, so many visions, ideas, brainstorms, passion... it's just incredible. This may be a moment when I finally realized that this logo of now truly means something, represents something, and that we only have to look back at our old posts, our old legacy pages to feel what it is and then compare it to what it is now.. to provide perspective on what it must be in the future.


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